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Dear Family Pet Family,

Doctors and Staff at The Family Pet wish to assure you that as “essential services”, we will continue to provide veterinary services every day from 8 am to 5 pm.

While it is important for the community to stay home, it Is not necessary or advisable to delay treatment of a pet’s medical condition allowing them to worsen or suffer.

We are following government guidelines to minimize spread of Covid-19 to keep you and our staff safe. We have increased sanitation and have implemented car-side concierge service to our drop off appointments to increase social distancing and reduce human contact time.

I have attached a Q&A regarding our services below. Please don’t hesitate to call us for help.

We wish you and your pet good health over these coming weeks,

Carrie Schneider DVM
President, The Family Pet
How does this new appointment work?
When you arrive for your appointment, please call us on your cell phone from your car. An assistant will come out and retrieve your pet and take them into the clinic. We will call you to get information regarding your pet’s symptoms and then call you again after their veterinary exam with a treatment plan and estimate.  Finally, we will call you when they are done with any treatments, their medications are filled and they are ready to go.  

How long does this take?  Simple conditions like eye and ear infections, vaccine boosters or skin conditions are likely quick enough that you can wait in your car while we work on your pet.   If your pet is sick, injured or needs tests run, it is usually best if you leave your pet with us for the day. Our receptionist can advise you when you make your appointment or when you drop them your pet off.

Can I do an appointment over the phone with my vet? Yes. These usually work for best for rechecks or chronic conditions where the vet has already seen your pet. Please give us a call and we will arrange an appointment for you

Are you still doing surgery and dentistry? Yes. Most of the conditions we are treating with surgery and dentistry will get worse if they are delayed. This is because it takes owners longer to notice that their pet has a tumor or abscessed tooth than they would in themselves so veterinarians get involved later in the disease process.

What about grooming? Yes. We only do medically necessary grooming – sanitary trims, facial hair trims, de-matting, whole body clips, bathing and the like. Poodle crosses and other breeds with continuously growing fur need to be clipped on a regular basis. Hair growing in the eyes can result in eye infections and blindness. Hair growing in the ears that is not plucked out contributes to ear infections. If your groomer is closed, we can trim the hair around the eyes and ears until their groomer is available.

Can I board my pet there? Yes. We are still boarding animals of all types.

Can I get medication refills? Yes, any time. Just call.  

Do you sell regular pet food? Yes, we carry the foods that our staff feed their pets.

COVID-19 and Pets Article

"There are 10,000 answers on Google to explain your pet's symptoms, but only your Veterinarian has the right one." ~Carrie Schneider DVM

The Family Pet is a full-service Seattle veterinary practice based in Ballard with over 70 years of experience, offering modern medicine with traditional values. Being a family owned business, pets aren't treated according to a corporate template or prescribed treatment that your pet may not need. We furnish individualized treatment for each patient at a level you select.

Doctors Carrie Schneider, Mary Kay Hilmoe, Hadar Friedman,  Angela Krzmarzick, Amy Poole and our highly qualified support staff are experienced in complicated cases and geriatric medicine. They are motivated to make your pets visit pleasant while offering the best possible diagnostic and treatment options.

We strive to furnish the very best veterinary services and education to our clients to help our patients lead longer, healthier live

logo - Barnyard Pet Vet Livestock Division of Seattle's The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital

Barnyard Pet Vet is Accepting NEW Clients

Barnyard Pet Vet specializes in the care and treatment of goats, sheep, pigs, and other other small livestock. Dr. Schneider and Dr Krzmarzick make home/farm calls in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Services include treatment for both well and sick animals...annual vaccines, strategic deworming, hoof trimming, reproductive services, dentistry, surgery and more. 

Small livestock. receive treatment at The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital at 6005 15th Ave. NW, Seattle.

CT Scan Logo - Seattle Vet Imaging Division of The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital

3D CT Scans are an affordable safe, advanced imaging technique. CT scans result in 1000x more information than traditional two dimensional x-rays allowing for a more precise and complete diagnosis of a pet’s injury or illness. Not having to run additional tests means savings of time and money!

The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital CT Scanners for pets in the Seattle Area.

The Family Pet has one of the few CT Scanner for animals in the Seattle area.

See Examples of Images HERE

Zoetis Petcare Rewards Program
Earn points toward rewards with each purchase of a Zoetis participating product. Use rewards to pay for products and services at The Family Pet.
Non-Anesthetic Pet Dental Cleaning
Call 206-784-3810 to schedule an appointment to have your pet's teeth cleaned while they are awake!
Upcoming Appointment Dates: July 31st and August 12th
Did You Know?
  • Drop Off Emergencies are seen during business hours 7 days a week. (Appointment Not Required)
  • All Pet Insurance is Accepted
  • CT Scan for Pets - The Family Pet has one of the few CT Scanner for pets in the Seattle area.
  • Generic Medications We offer generic medications to help keep finances in mind. (thyroid supplements, antibiotics...)
  • Treat Itchy Dogs Without Steroids! We carry Cytopoint and the difference it has made to our allergy patients is remarkable!
  • Experienced Export Experts for pets moving overseas. We are a provider of pet health certificates for several pet relocation services.
Ample Parking - In addition to our off street parking lot, there is free 2 hour street parking on 15th Ave NW in front of the Seattle Mattress store just north of our alley and free 30 minute street parking on 15th on the block just south of 60th street in front on Pasta Bella.
New Client Referral Program
Current clients who refer friends & family get $15 credit on their account AND their friend or family gets $15 off too! All you need is our business card!
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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I wish I had a million dollars to hand over to the staff. The reception, techs, dr, EVERYONE. My little dog became quite ill and despite their exceptionally busy day, they found a way to take him in."
    Sarah B.
  • "Brought my kitten in for his first shots and everyone was super friendly! I'm a first time cat owner and they happily answered all my questions. Left with a kitten kit and a lot of useful information.""
    Karina A.
  • "They are just the best. So friendly, easy to work with, take great care of our puppy. Can't go wrong with them! Jay V. Seattle."
    Jay V.
  • "Very caring and thorough in exams and explanations. Now taking my second dog to them. Easy to get to with on site parking helps too. Do grooming too! Drs. Hilmoe and Nagasako both are terrific."
    Rebecca B.
  • "A vet that walks in and joins your very scared kitty on the floor is the best kind of vet. Ella and I thank you!"
    Brandi B.
  • "We can count on Family Pet for consistent trusted service for our pets for many years now, in gratitude to the caring staff!"
    Eileen W.


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