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"When I called The Family Pet on a Sunday regarding our injured chicken I received very helpful advice from the staff member. When we visited Dr. Lieu the following day she was very helpful, knowledgeable and kind to our little bird. Every staff member we encountered was friendly and caring. Thank you! "~Amanda B.

The Family Pet Appointments

The Family Pet schedules generous half hour appointments to provide adequate time for pets to receive unrushed, thorough, care and treatment, and also to allow time for valuable owner/doctor conversation. Frequently much insight is gained by discussions between the pet owner and the veterinarian. The appointment is often the time for demonstrations on how to medicate your pet or perform other procedures.

Emergency cases shall always receive top priority, which is why occasional appointment delay is inevitable. Please realize that we make a sincere attempt to see each client on time.

We prefer to see your pet with you present; however, we do understand that you may have scheduling difficulties or unexpected obligations. Please let us know of your needs and we will arrange a drop off appointment for your pet. We will ask you to leave a phone number where you can be reached.

To ensure the safety of all of our clients and patients, we require all animals be adequately restrained during their visit. All pets should be in a pet carrier or on a leash and under the control of the owner.

Cancellation Policy: We fully understand that your lives are very busy and scheduling changes must inevitably occur. Given the limited appointment times in a day, we kindly request that we be given a minimum 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment so another pet can be seen during that time.

  • Missed appointments without a 24 hour notice:
    • First occurrence - Client will be sent a written notice.
    • Subsequent occurrences - Client's account will be charged the full appointment fee.

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