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The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Support Team

A team that plays together stays together.

Ashley M- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Practice Manager Ashley M.
Practice Manager

Ashley grew up in the Seattle area and has always had a passion for a wide variety of animals. She attended the U of A to study equine science after high school. She had 2 years of veterinary reception experience prior to joining The Family Pet team. Outside of work you can find her camping, kayaking, traveling and playing mini golf. Ashley's fur children Charley, Rambo, Ella, Toulouse and Marie, mean the world to her

Jamie D- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Practice Manager Jamie D.
Practice Manager

Jamie worked at another vet hospital for 4 years before coming to The Family Pet looking for something new. She has 4 children. One is in the Navy, another is going to Hawaii Pacific University to study marine biology. She has a beautiful aussiedoodle. Jamie and her husband love to hike, camp and relax with friends

Calli S, LVT- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Licensed Veterinary Technician Calli S., LVT
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Calli is grew up in Ballard and graduated from Pima Veterinary Technician school in 2015. She has an adopted puppy named Atticus who has become the center of her world and a hedgehog named Voodoo because he loves Voodoo Donuts from Portland When Calli isn't working she loves helping with her niece's girl scout troop & hiking.

Emilee P, LVT- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Licensed Veterinary Technician Emilee P.. LVT
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Emilee moved to the Seattle area from Honolulu, Hawaii where she completed a Veterinary Technology Program. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest you can find her in the mountains hiking and exploring with her  Pitbull pup. On rainy days they like to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate and a good book or Netflix documentary and relax.

Kris I- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Assistant Kris I.
Veterinary Assistant

Kris is not one to put a picture up of herself or take any credit for the hard work and effort she has put into The Family Pet, these are just some of the reasons why we love her She has been with The Family Pet since 1997. Her specialty is cats and boarding.

Chantell O- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Assistant Chantell O.
Veterinary Assistant

Chantell is our resident aspiring Veterinarian. Although she works only Saturdays she adds so much personality and skill to our team. She has 2 dogs Annie, Rikku and a cat named Jet.

Emily A- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Assistant Emily A.
Veterinary Assistant

Emily attends WSU where she is studying zoology and rowing for the women’s rowing team; she will be starting vet school at WSU in the fall of 2020. She loves working at The Family Pet when she comes to Seattle during breaks. In her free time, she enjoys backpacking, hiking, and spending time with her dog.

Emily D- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Assistant Emily D.
Veterinary Assistant

Bio Not Available at This Time.

Kayln D- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Assistant Kayln D.
Veterinary Assistant

Kayln is a full time student at Everett Community College where she is taking classes in the hopes of transferring to 4 year university where she will continue her education and graduate a Veterinarian. She has a deep love for all animals including her two puppies at home. When she is not working as a Kennel Technician at The Family Pet she enjoys taking pictures and exploring Washington.

Leanne Y- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Assistant Leanne Y.
Veterinary Assistant

Before LeAnne joined the vibrant Family Pet Team she lived in Bellingham, Washington where she was attending Western Washington University and working on the completion of her B.S. in Environmental Sciences. When LeAnne wasn't studying she was working in the Doggy Daycare at a veterinary clinic in that area. Upon graduation she moved to Seattle where she got into environmental activism at a local Greenpeace branch. LeAnne was happy with what she was doing, but missed working with animals so ultimately decided a veterinary clinic was the place for her! She has a Lab/ Husky mix named Elphie and in her spare time they go on adventures around Washington.

Miranda K- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Assistant Miranda K.
Veterinary Assistant

Miranda graduated for UW in 2015 with a degree in Environmental Studies. She is currently working in landscape construction and plant design when she is not at the clinic. Although she only has one cat, a Turkish Angora named Sir Gizmotanian, she plans to care for many animals on her future farm.

Natalie P- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Assistant Natalie P.
Veterinary Assistant

Natalie has worked as a groomer for the past 8 years and decided to make the change into the veterinary field to learn more about animals and better ways to care for them. She has a passion for all animals and is really happy to be joining The Family Pet team. Natalie truly feels that her life wouldn't be complete without her two cats, Mandolin and Cobalt, and her dog Ramona. In her free time she likes to travel and explore new countries and cultures.

Veronica O- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Assistant Veronica O.
Veterinary Assistant

Veronica, a native Seattleite. She has been working in the veterinary field since 2008 and has been a valued Family Pet team member since 2012. Veronica's hobbies include shooting, crafts, gardening and hanging with her 4 cats.

Abby T- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Receptionist Abby T.

Abby moved to Seattle to start a new life and be closer to her sister. She’s loved getting to dance in the rain and meet all the animal lovers she could imagine! When Abby isn’t working you can find her cuddled up with her kitty, Jinx, eating Italian food and watching Law and Order.

Allie D- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Receptionist Allie D.

Allie grew up in Seattle, Washington with a mom who is a veterinarian. She has loved animals since she was born and has her own cat named Riri after her favorite singer, Rihanna. Allie just graduated from Willamette University with degrees in Communications and Economics. In her free time, Allie loves to hang out with friends, cook and go out to eat, and exercise

Bailey F- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Receptionist Bailey F.

Bailey is a Northern California native who recently moved to Seattle to pursue her love of cloudy skies and rainy weather. Passionate about animals, she joined the Family Pet team to have an impact on the well-being and health of all animals that walk through the doors. She loves traveling and lived in South Africa for half of 2018 after graduating from Azusa Pacific University; she's been to 13 countries so far and hopes to double that number within the next decade.

Tara S- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Receptionist Tara S.

Tara has an extensive customer service background and displays a love of helping others. Tara came to the Family Pet because she enjoys day to day interaction with both people and their furry friends. She currently doesn't have pets, but is a mother which give her so much to be proud of. Hiking, exploring new things to do in Washington and spending time with her family are things she does for fun. She has a love for photography and taking pictures everywhere she goes. She is always willing to try something new!

Caden D- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Kennel Technician Caden D.
Kennel Technician

Caden came to The Family Pet because he loves taking care of animals and wanted to do it on a more professional level by being a Kennel Technician. He has currently has two fur-babies in his home, one is an Aussiedoodle and the other is a Cockapoo. Caden has grown up with various other pets such as cats, ferrets, goats, hamsters, and even a baby cow, but he loves dogs the most. For fun Caden likes to take his dogs to the dog park and on hikes

Dasan T- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Kennel Technician Dasan T.
Kennel Technician

Like Dasani Water, but without the "i," but you can also call him Dasani! (many do) Dasan was born and raised in Seattle. His passions lie in Animals, Photography, and Computers, which brought him to the vet. When not at work he loves to go on adventures, take pictures, and be with his puppy! Dasan has a puppy named Georgey, and boy is he a little devil! Dasan always has a picture or two of his puppy to show you!

Riverleigh L- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Kennel Technician Riverleigh L.
Kennel Technician

River grew up in Seattle and has always enjoyed caring for animals. She is a gradute of UW College of Education and is a full time nanny on top of being a part time kennel technician at The Family Pet. One of her favorite things about working here is getting to know the boarders she cares for. River enjoys living in Ballard with her partner and 13 year old husky named Blue, hamster Chihiro, and 3 African dwarf frogs.

Carter S. - The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Livestock Veterinarry Assistant Carter S.
Livestock Veterinary Assistant
Barnyard Pet Vet Div. of The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital

Bio not available at this time.

Faye C- The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital Webmistress Faye C.

Faye has been designing and maintaining web sites since the mid/late 1990's. She wears many creative hats; cake decorating, soap making, sewing, gardening and more. She shares her home with her daughter, 3 kittens and 4 alpacas.

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