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6005 15th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107

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(a.k.a. "Dr. Bell")

American Eskimo
 April 1, 1999 - May 6, 2014

I am a Survivor! A TWO Time Survivor! AND...A HERO!

Oops! I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Family Pet has been a big part of my life, ALL MY LIFE. I first met Dr. Hilmoe at birth when she delivered me and my 2 sisters by c-section. We decided to pull our own April Fools Day prank and arrive early! Our mom Keisha was a good mother and wanted to feed us, but didn't produce milk for a couple days. Thankfully our human mom and sister loved us enough to bottle feed us every 2 hours until Keisha could take over.

We grew into three strong, healthy, happy ladies under Dr. Hilmoe's gentle care.

One Day in July 2006, my human mom discovered a lump in my breast! A trip to The Family Pet to have that pesky lump surgically removed and sent to the lab for tests confirmed Dr. Hilmoe's suspicions. Who ever heard of breast cancer in a dog?? Sure enough, that's what it was!

October 2006, another lump appeared! Yikes!! It was back to The Family Pet for another surgery to remove all but three of my remaining breasts. That did the trick! Here it is several years later and I'm still cancer free! The Family Pet saved my life!

July of last year, 2009, I suddenly realized something wasn't quite right with my human mom. I tried my best to tell her to go to the doctor, but she just wouldn't listen. I'd fight to get to her right breast and vigorously scratch in an effort to either get her to pay attention, or else dig out the problem myself! Finally, talk about slow... she acknowledged my efforts and went to the doctor! Guess what they found - early stage breast cancer! I KNEW IT!!!

After she had surgery & started radiation treatments, I could relax. I knew it was gone! My job was done. Mom's doctor gave me the nickname "Doctor Bell"! I'm pretty proud of that!


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