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The Family Pet - Expertise Best Dog Boarders in Seattle AwardThe Family Pet Provides Boarding Services for All Small Animals

Cats- Chickens- Dogs- Ferrets- Guinea Pigs- Hamsters- Mice- Mini Pigs- Rats- Rabbits...more

"...the entire staff is really caring & on top of things. They have really convenient boarding service & its usually really easy to get an appointment."~Erin W.

boarding at The Family Pet Veterinary HospitalWe know it's hard to leave your pet while you are on vacation, have a family emergency, or other situations.

The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital in Ballard can meet all your boarding needs. Our compassionate staff strives to provide a safe and comforting environment with lots of TLC to minimize stress and homesickness. Please feel free to bring personal belongings to make being away from family easier. Some pets, especially pocket pet's, are easily stressed, therefore we recommend their cage, food and any additional comfort items to be brought with them. We do our best to keep their life as normal as possible to reduce any stress being away from home may cause.

Pets are fed according to your instructions and dogs are walked three times each day. 

Additional services offered, for a nominal fee; during your pets' stay include dispensing medication and/or supplements, nail trims, baths, anal gland expressions, and other routine procedures.

We do require that each pet has up-to-date vaccinations and is free of fleas when boarding.

**THE DOG PLAY SPACE  at The Family Pet!!**

Dogs have a large, secure area to run around, play fetch and cavort with other compatible dogs while they are boarding with us.

Kitty Boarding at The Family Pet

BOARDING SPECIAL  Buy 10 nights, get one night FREE! This offer can be cumulative over several visits.  (Ask about our convenient Boarding Punch Card)

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