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      Due to COVID-19 The Family Pet will NOT be boarding pets until further notice

The Family Pet - Expertise Best Dog Boarders in Seattle Award

The Family Pet Provides Boarding Services for Established Clients
**See Important Requirements Below**

Cats- Dogs- Ferrets- Guinea Pigs- Hamsters- Mice- Mini Pigs- Rats- Rabbits...more

"...the entire staff is really caring & on top of things. They have really convenient boarding service & its usually really easy to get an appointment."~Erin W.

Canine Boarding Agreement     Feline Boarding Agreement    Pocket Pet Boarding Agreement

The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital in Ballard can meet all your boarding needs. We understand it's hard to leave your pet when you go on vacation or have a family emergency which is why we do our best to accommodate your needs, dates, and your pet's needs. Our compassionate staff strive to provide a safe, comforting, and relatively normal environment with lots of TLC to minimize the stress and homesickness they may be feeling.

Rates and Policies:

* Boarding charges begin the day of arrival regardless of the time of check in.
* Check-out time for all boarded pets is noon.
* Any pet picked up after noon will be charged a full day of boarding.

Pocket Pet Boarding at The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital

Pocket Pet = $17.00 per day
Additional Pocket Pet (same cage) = $5.15 per day

* Bedding Change (owner supplied bedding material) = $5.00 per change

* Bedding Change (TFP supplied bedding material) = $13.00 per change (Includes $8.00 supply charge)
* We require you to bring an appropriate cage, food (pellets, hay, fruits, veggies, etc.), bedding, and any additional comfort items with them.

Cat Boarding at The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital

Feline = $38.00 per day

Day Boarding = (all sizes) $29.00

* Litter pans are changed multiple times throughout the day with the "Yesterdays News" litter provided by The Family Pet.

* Our kennels are in our Cat Only Ward.

* We use Feliway, which is a cat pheromone, on the towels, beds and as a diffuser to help your cat feel as comfortable and as calm as possible during their stay.

Optional Playtime: $12.00 per 15 minutes
      One on one playtime in lab or in the doctors’ office with toys and lots of love.

       **We DO NOT offer playtime during Holidays specified below**

Dog Boarding at The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital

0 - 20 pounds = $40.00 per day
21- 50 pounds = $45.00 per day
51+ pounds = $55.05 per day
Day Boarding (all sizes) =  $29.00

* Dogs get three daily walks (approx. 4 blocks each).

* Our kennels are entirely indoors to provide the safest boarding experience. The kennels are equipped with blankets, beds, towels, and yoga or memory foam mats for your dog’s comfort.

* The Family Pet uses Adaptil in an effort to assure our dog friends are as comfortable as possible. Loud noises and being away from home with strangers can be scary.

Optional Playtime (weather permitting): $15.00 per session
      Supervised playtime with other dogs (or individually with a human friend) in the fenced backyard area.

       **We DO NOT offer playtime during Holidays specified below**

Boarding Requirements:

      ** All DIABETIC BOARDERS MUST BE IN STABLE CONDITION. ** (Additional fees are charged for diabetic boarders)

    • All boarders are required to have the completed 2 dose Canine Influenze Vaccine in order to board at our facility. This is for the safety of your pet as well as all that come into our facility.
      We currently have the vaccine available. Please call to discuss any questions or concerns you might have and to set up an appointment. Canine Influenza HERE.
    • The Family Pet requires a one day trial period for all dogs being boarded with us for the FIRST TIME. This is to ensure our boarding kennels and your dog are a good fit. The cost of this trial will be applied as a credit towards your dog's first stay with us.
    • Current Distemper Parvo (DHPP) & Rabies Vaccines
    • Current Bordetella Vaccine within the last 6 months


  • Current FVRCP & Rabies Vaccines

Canine & Feline:

  • Current & Negative Fecal Screenings within the last 6 months
  • Pets must be free of fleas! If for some reason your fur-baby comes to board and has fleas we will, at owner’s expense, administer Capstar, an oral over the counter tablet which works instantly to get rid of the little buggers. The price range for this medication, based on pet's weight, is from $10.00 - $20.00.
  • Daily Charge for Medication Administered While Boarding:
    • Once daily: $6.90
    • Twice daily: $12.93
    • Three times daily: 18.31
    • Four times daily: $23.69


  • All pets have continuous access to clean fresh water and bedding.
  • All Bedding is changed daily
  • All kennels and cages are cleaned and sanitized daily
  • All pets are fed according to your instructions. It is highly recommend that you bring their regular food to eat during the stay. If you prefer, we will feed them our house food (Hill's Sensitive Stomach Formula). There will be an additional fee of $2.00 per day to add FortiFlora (Digestive Probiotics) to help with the transition.
  • Our Kennel Technicians are dedicated to not only feeding, walking, and cleaning up after your pets, but also observing their behaviors to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.
  • Being a Veterinary Hospital, we are open 7 days a week and have at least 1+ doctor available each day. If your pet develops decreased appetite, loose stool, vomiting or something "just seems off" it will be detected by our experienced caregivers. You have the option of allowing one of our doctors to examine and diagnose them that same day. If the doctor feels that treatment is necessary, you will be contacted by phone for authorization. If we are unable to contact you and the doctor feels these are serious concerns, your pet will be treated and normal fees will be charged. It is very important that you leave a contact number so we can reach you in an emergency or to pre-approve any potential treatments.

Additional services that can be requested during your pet's stay:

Holiday Boarding:
  There will be extra staff working during Holiday times to assure not only a comfortable stay for your pets, but also to allow for the check in and out process go smoother.

2019 Holiday Dates:

  • Wednesday May 22nd - Wednesday May 29th
  • Wednesday July 3rd - Monday July 8th
  • Wednesday August 28th - Wednesday September 4th
  • Monday November 25th thru Monday December 2nd
  • Wednesday December 18th - Monday January 6th

Holiday Surcharge: $7.00 per day per pet

Holiday Reservation Deposit: $100 per pet (Taken at time of Booking)

  • If reservation is kept the deposit will be applied to boarding charges.
  • If reservation is cancelled 72 or more hours in advance the deposit can be refunded to the owner's card or left on the account as a credit to be used towards future services.
  • If reservation is not cancelled at least 72 hours in advance the deposit will be forfeited

Boarding Special:   REWARDS CARD!
Buy 10 full days and get ONE DAY FREE with our convenient punch card

The Family Pet Boarding Punch Card

Each pet will receive 1 punch per FULL day boarded.
One (1) FREE DAY will be rewarded for every 10 days (10 punches).
First punch is free for New Clients.

*Card must be presented at time of pet pick up to receive/redeem punched

We look forward to hearing from you


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