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The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital

6005 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 784-3810

Has Been Named One of Seattle's Best Veterinary Hospitals

"There are 10,000 answers on Google to explain your pet's symptoms, but only your Veterinarian has the right one." ~Carrie Schneider DVM

Chicken treated by The Family Pet
Did you know that a chicken can run up to nine mph?
TFP will get this pretty girl back into racing shape!

The Family Pet is a full-service Seattle veterinary practice based in Ballard with over 70 years of experience, offering modern medicine with traditional values. Being a family owned business, pets aren't treated according to a corporate template or prescribed treatment that your pet may not need. We furnish individualized treatment for each patient at a level you select.

Doctors Carrie Schneider, Mary Kay Hilmoe, Hadar Friedman Angela Krzmarzick, Amy Poole and our highly qualified support staff are experienced in complicated cases and geriatric medicine. They are motivated to make your pets visit pleasant while offering the best possible diagnostic and treatment options.

We strive to furnish the very best veterinary services and education to our clients to help our patients lead longer, healthier lives.

CT scan logo - Seattle Vet Imaging
Division of The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital

3D CT Scans are an affordable safe, advanced imaging technique. CT scans result in 1000x more information than traditional two dimensional x-rays allowing for a more precise and complete diagnosis of a pet’s injury or illness. Not having to run additional tests means savings of time and money!

Division of The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital

Barnyard Pet Vet specializes in the care and treatment of goats, sheep, pigs, and other other small livestock in The Family Pet clinic.

The Barnyard Pet Vet is NOT accepting NEW clients at this time and is only providing farm visits to the greater Seattle metro area.

The Family Pet has one of the few CT Scanner for animals in the Seattle area.
See Examples of Images HERE.

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