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CT (Computed Tomography)

CT Scans will not available until further notice.

The Family Pet has one of the few CT Scanner for animals in the Seattle area.

Low Cost CT Scans are Available By Appointment.
Your veterinary provider is available to answer any questions you might have regarding this technology and if it is an option that would benefit your pet.
Phone 206-784-3810 for an appointment.

All CT images are read by a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist.


What is a CT Scan?
CT (Computed Tomography)  3D CT Scans are an affordable safe, advanced imaging technique. CT scans result in 1000x more information than traditional two dimensional x-rays allowing for a more precise and complete diagnosis of a pet’s injury or illness. Not having to run additional tests means savings of time and money!

The information interpreted allows for informed decisions to be made about a pet’s treatment by its owner, general veterinarian and specialty veterinary team.

Conventional x-ray usually does not provide any information on the internal anatomy of individual organs (except lungs.) CT is capable of revealing more information regarding the internal structure of soft tissue organs. Some examples are:

    • Identification of tumor spread within organs, including liver, spleen, kidneys, etc.
    • Internal detail of the spine or brain tissue.
    • Differentiation between the soft tissue structures in the chest located in front or adjacent to the heart.
    • Detection of subtle tumor spread within the lung tissue. (CT has been shown to be eight times more sensitive than conventional x-rays at detecting tumor spread to the lungs).
CT offers a three dimensional impression, which is particularly useful in evaluating complex areas such as the skull, spine and joints. Some examples are:
    • Diagnosis of lumbosacral disease.
    • Evaluation of joint surfaces affected by arthritis, infection, trauma or tumor invasion.
    • CT is the best way to evaluate the sinuses, nasal and oral cavities for the detection of masses, old or new fractures or foreign bodies embedded in these cavities.
    • Detection and evaluation of the extent of bone loss/subtle stress fractures and bone repairs.
  • Joints
  • Spinal injury or evaluation
  • Dental
  • Well patient cancer screening
  • Metastasis check
  • Screening before surgery
  • Foreign bodies – GI/Paws
  • Bone loss detection
  • Sinus, nasal and oral cavity

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